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90 EX explosion proof stepper motor
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90 EX explosion proof stepper motor

An explosion-proof stepper motor is a type of motor designed to operate in hazardous environments where flammable gases or dust may be present.
  • 90BYG450A-EX

  • wheatstone


Product Description

Explosion proof stepper motor 90BYG450A-EX

Description of Explosion proof stepper motor 90BYG450A-EX

Explosion-proof stepper motors are constructed with special materials and designs to prevent sparks or overheating that could ignite the surrounding atmosphere. They are commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and mining, where safety is a top priority. These motors offer precise control and accuracy, making them ideal for applications that require high-performance in hazardous environments.

Technical Parameter of Explosion proof stepper motor 90BYG450A-EX

Model No.

Holding Torque


Rated current


Phase resistance(Ω)

Phase inductance


Step Angle


Rotor inertia



Explosion Proof Grade :Exd IIB T4 Gb;Ex tD A21 IP65 T130℃


Application Industry

  1. Oil and gas drilling rigs: These motors are used to control the movement of drilling equipment and maintain the position of the drill bit in hazardous environments.

  2. Chemical processing: Explosion-proof stepper motors are used to control the flow of chemicals and maintain accurate dosing in chemical processing plants.

  3. Mining equipment: They are used in mining equipment, such as conveyor belts and crushers, to provide precise control and positioning.

  4. Pharmaceuticals: These motors are used in the production of pharmaceuticals, where precise control of equipment is crucial to ensure product quality and safety.

  5. Food and beverage processing: Explosion-proof stepper motors are used in food and beverage processing to control the movement of equipment and maintain the quality and safety of products.


Why do you need a custom motor?

1)Global trade, market diversification, diversified consumer demand, the The trend of individualization is obvious, backing up to the upstream industry to have more special spare parts requirements for new processes and new processing equipment.

2)The World's future long-term national policy guidelines for supply-side reform, elimination of backward production capacity, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, intelligent and safe, the entire industrial environment are in transition, the original batch, large-scale production can not meet market needs.

3)Industrial homogenization competition is extremely serious, the survival environment is worrying; a large number of enterprises seeking change, in response to national policies, the trend of the times, close to customers, to solve customer personalization, targeted problems, personalization has become an important way of industrial production.

4)Electrification, automation, intelligence is the future trend, these can not be separated from the motor, so the future development trend of the motor industry is obvious, especially the personalized non-standard custom motor, market demand is more objective.

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