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Wheatstone Sample Cylinders

Wheatstone offers a wide selection of sample cylinders that are compliant with various transportation industry standards related to chemical transfer. These durable, pressure-rated metal cylinders also prevent samples from escaping during grab sample system operation and are easy to clean.

Sample Cylinder Categories

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Sample Cylinders Catalogs
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Wheatstone Sampling System Training

Learn to design effective sampling systems and diagnose and eliminate issues with existing systems, increasing accuracy and efficiency, and reducing costs. Gain valuable knowledge from seasoned instructors, each with over 30 years’ experience, no matter your industry or level of experience.

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Sample Cylinders
When transporting chemicals, you need to be confident that the integrity of your product will be maintained and the people handling your containers will be protected. Swagelok offers a wide selection of cylinders that are compliant with DOT, Transport Canada and TPED standards for transportation of chemicals. These cylinders feature consistent wall thickness, smooth internal neck transitions for easy cleaning, and heavy-wall connections that resist flaring.
We offer:
  • Single-ended cylinders, double-ended cylinders, and miniature sample cylinders
  • Sizes from 10 to 3785 cm3 (1 gal)
  • Cylinders constructed with 304L, 316, 316L, and Alloy 400 materials
  • Products handling working pressures up to 5000 psig (344 bar)
  • A variety of options including integral valves, outage tubes, and specialty coatings

These cylinders are compatible with Swagelok® Grab Sampling Modules, safely containing continuously circulating process fluids for later analysis.

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