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What is the content and meaning of the explosion-proof control motor‘s nameplate?
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What is the content and meaning of the explosion-proof control motor‘s nameplate?

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What is the content and meaning of the explosion-proof control motor‘s nameplate?

Explosion-proof control motors have their own nameplates, which are actually the same as our ID cards. Although the motors look similar in appearance, their functions are very different, and the nameplates basically record this. The model, specification, and special performance of the motor, etc., in fact, using the nameplate can make our work more accurate. Only by operating under the prompt of the nameplate can many unnecessary failures be avoided. Then the content of the nameplate of the explosion-proof control motor What's there? Let's follow Wheatstone editor to find out!

The content and meaning of the explosion-proof control motor nameplate:

The nameplates of explosion-proof products must be complete and clear. There should be no lack of strokes. The edge of the nameplate is flat and not curved. The nameplate must include information such as product name, model, electrical parameters, explosion-proof parameters, explosion-proof marks, explosion-proof certificate number, delivery date, shipment certificate number, and manufacturer. Warning signs are necessary.

The meaning and parameters of the motor nameplate explain the motor nameplate, which displays various information about the motor. For example, power, voltage, current, connections, etc. For us as electricians or mechanical repairs, these are indispensable. A motor without a nameplate is like a kite with a broken string. If the motor does not have a nameplate, it is literally scrapped. When we usually look at the motor, we also look at the nameplate. The nameplate knows the importance of electrical and mechanical repairs. Let me also explain here that the output of the above nameplate is the rated power (active power), the voltage is also the rated voltage (ie line voltage), and the current is the rated current (line current). The nameplate is attached to each motor. Electric fan is stuck properly, too.

What is included in the explosion-proof motor nameplate

The total number of power in power, that is, the rated number of power in power. The output on the motor nameplate is the rated shaft output power. Considering safety, the load of most motors is not the rated state, but about 80%. Therefore, the actual power consumption of the motor can be measured by the following method. Current average (unit A) x voltage (voltage: V) x time (unit: h)-1000; 2. Single-phase asynchronous motor, power consumption = single-phase current x voltage x time-1000. The nameplate contains the explosion-proof mark, explosion-proof certificate, date of manufacture, and warning information. The explosion-proof mark allows users and installers to quickly understand the explosion-proof type, corresponding gas/dust and temperature group of the explosion-proof product. In order to avoid the installation of gas explosion-proof products in dusty places, and the installation of "n" type products in explosion-proof areas of Zone 1, etc. From the selection, ensure that the explosion-proof products match the hazardous places.

Explosion-proof certificate number. It can reflect whether the explosion-proof certificate of the product is true and effective, and avoid choosing fake and shoddy products, or even non-explosion-proof products. And the date of manufacture. You can quickly know the service life of the product, and judge whether to replace a new batch of products from the explosion-proof life cycle. Avoid explosion-proof performance failure due to long-term use. For example, the screws of the explosion-proof shell are corroded or missing, the explosion-proof surface is severely corroded, and the sealing ring is aging and cannot achieve the sealing effect. Then post the warning message. It can prevent maintenance and users from damaging explosion-proof equipment due to improper operation, and even causing the risk of explosion in the surrounding environment.

To sum up, the nameplate of explosion-proof products is a very important label. Incomplete or incorrect information will cause unnecessary troubles to the place of use and the users.

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