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Explosion Proof Stepper Motor

In industrial environments where hazardous conditions are prevalent, safety is paramount. In such settings, utilizing explosion-proof equipment becomes essential. One crucial component in many industrial applications is the stepper motor.
Industrial environments such as oil and gas refineries, chemical processing plants, and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities often present hazardous conditions. These conditions include flammable gases, combustible dust, and potentially explosive atmospheres. In such environments, using explosion-proof equipment is critical to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

Features of Explosion Proof Stepper Motor

Explosion-proof servo motors are specialized devices designed to operate safely and reliably in hazardous environments. These motors play a crucial role in various industries where the presence of flammable gases or combustible dust is a constant concern.

  Robust Construction


Explosion-proof stepper motors are built with durability and safety in mind. They are typically constructed using rugged materials that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. The motor enclosures are designed to be explosion-proof, ensuring that any internal sparks or arcs are contained within the motor and do not ignite surrounding flammable substances.

  Protective Measures


Explosion-proof motors incorporate various protective measures to minimize the risk of ignition. These measures include sealing the motor's electrical components to prevent the entry of dust or gas, using explosion-proof conduit fittings for wiring connections, and implementing effective cooling systems to manage heat buildup. Additionally, explosion-proof motors often feature advanced temperature monitoring and overload protection mechanisms to ensure safe operation.

  Certification Standards
To ensure the reliability and safety of explosion-proof stepper motors, they undergo rigorous testing and certification processes. These motors comply with industry standards and regulations

Benefits of Explosion Proof Stepper Motors

Explosion-proof stepper motors offer numerous benefits, making them a preferred choice for applications in hazardous environments:

Enhanced Safety

The primary benefit of explosion-proof stepper motors is the enhanced safety they offer in hazardous areas. By incorporating robust construction and protective measures, these motors minimize the risk of ignition and containment breaches, reducing the chances of fires, explosions, and injuries.


The rugged construction of explosion-proof stepper motors ensures durability and longevity. They are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, or corrosive substances, without compromising performance.


While explosion-proof stepper motors may have a higher initial cost compared to standard motors, they offer long-term cost savings. Their ability to prevent accidents, minimize downtime, and protect valuable equipment leads to reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Precise Positioning Control

Stepper motors, including explosion-proof variants, provide excellent position control. They allow for precise and accurate movements in small incremental steps, making them ideal for applications that require high-precision positioning or repetitive motion.

Wheastone Explosion Proof Stepper Motors Specification

Characteristics Of Explosion-Proof Stepper Motor

① Model number :90ST-H02430-EX ② Holding torque :3 Nm
③ Phase voltage :2.79V ④ Phase current: 4.5A
⑤ Phase resistance :0.6Ω ⑥ Phase inductance: 3.5mH
⑦ Protection level :IP65 ⑧ Insulation class :F
⑨ Explosion-proof rating:Exd llB T4 Gb;Ex tD A21 1P65 T130C
The above test data are based on -- Driver model :TH2608M Subdivision :400 Operating current :3.14A Test voltage :DC60v

Wheatstone Explosion Proof Stepper Motors

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Explosion Proof Stepper Motor Application

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Explosion Proof Stepper Motor FAQ

  • Q Can explosion-proof stepper motors be used in hazardous areas?

    A Yes, explosion-proof stepper motors are specifically designed for use in hazardous areas where explosive gases or combustible dust may be present. They are constructed to minimize the risk of ignition and contain any potential explosions, making them safe for such environments.
  • Q Can explosion-proof stepper motors be used in outdoor applications?

    A Yes, explosion-proof stepper motors can be used in outdoor applications, provided they are designed and certified for outdoor use. It is important to consider factors such as weatherproofing and resistance to environmental elements when selecting a motor for outdoor applications.

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