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180 BYG radiation hardened stepper motors
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180 BYG radiation hardened stepper motors

Welcome to the world of radiation-hardened stepper motors, where cutting-edge technology meets unrivaled reliability. Designed specifically for demanding environments, these motors offer exceptional performance and precision even in the harshest conditions. Whether you're exploring space, conducting deep-sea research, or working in nuclear facilities, our radiation-hardened stepper motors are the perfect choice to power your critical applications.
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Product Description

Description of radiation hardened stepper motors 180 BYG

Our radiation-hardened stepper motors are meticulously crafted using advanced materials and engineering techniques to withstand the detrimental effects of radiation. With shielding capabilities that surpass industry standards, these motors provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring your equipment operates flawlessly in radioactive environments.

Technical Parameter of radiation hardened stepper motors 180 BYG

Model No.

Holiding torque


Braking torque


Max axial force(N)

Maximum axial force


Max torque


Rotor inertia



Explosion Proof Grade :EX db IIB T4/EX db IIC T5               Selectable Voltage:24V、48V、72V、220V、380V

Application Industry

Our radiation-hardened stepper motors find applications in a wide range of industries and environments, including:

  1. Aerospace and Defense: From satellites to space rovers, our motors are trusted to power critical systems in the harshest space environments. They excel in satellite antenna positioning, robotic manipulators, and missile guidance systems.

  2. Nuclear Power: Nuclear facilities demand equipment that can operate reliably in high-radiation environments. Our radiation-hardened stepper motors are ideal for controlling valves, fuel rod positioning, and handling radioactive materials.

  3. Deep-Sea Exploration: Exploring the depths of the ocean requires equipment that can withstand extreme pressures and radiation from natural sources. Our motors enable precise underwater robotics and data collection in challenging underwater conditions.


Q: What types of radiation can radiation-hardened stepper motors withstand?

A: Radiation-hardened stepper motors are typically designed to withstand ionizing radiation, including gamma rays and high-energy particles such as neutrons and protons. They are engineered to minimize the impact of radiation-induced failures, such as degradation of insulation materials and the disruption of electronic components.

Q: What are the applications of radiation-hardened stepper motors? 

A: Radiation-hardened stepper motors find applications in various fields, including space exploration missions, satellites, deep-sea exploration vehicles, nuclear power plants, particle accelerators, and medical imaging devices. These motors are crucial for maintaining precise control and motion in challenging radiation environments.

Q: How are radiation-hardened stepper motors tested for radiation resistance? 

A: Radiation-hardened stepper motors undergo rigorous testing procedures to ensure their resilience to radiation. These tests involve subjecting the motors to simulated radiation environments or exposing them to actual radiation sources. The motors are evaluated for performance, mechanical integrity, and electrical functionality before being certified for radiation-hardened applications.

Q: Can radiation-hardened stepper motors operate in non-radiation environments? 

A: Yes, radiation-hardened stepper motors can operate in non-radiation environments as well. While they are specifically designed to withstand radiation, they can function effectively in regular operating conditions without any adverse effects on their performance.

Q: Are radiation-hardened stepper motors more expensive than regular stepper motors?

A: Yes, radiation-hardened stepper motors are typically more expensive than their regular counterparts. The additional design considerations, specialized materials, and testing procedures involved in making them radiation-resistant contribute to their higher cost. However, the increased reliability and extended lifespan in radiation-intensive environments justify their higher price in specific applications.

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