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80 EX series radiation hardened brushless motor
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80 EX series radiation hardened brushless motor

Radiation-hardened brushless motors are designed to withstand high levels of radiation, making them suitable for aerospace, nuclear, and space applications. Their robust construction and shielding protect against radiation-induced damage, ensuring reliable and efficient operation in challenging environments.
  • 80WD-□00601R-XXV

  • wheatstone


Product Description

Description of 80 EX series radiation hardened brushless motor

Radiation-hardened brushless motors are engineered with special materials and design features to minimize the effects of radiation. They incorporate shielding to prevent the penetration of radiation particles, ensuring the motor's internal components remain unaffected. These motors are crucial in space missions, nuclear power plants, and other radiation-intensive environments, where reliable and durable operation is essential for mission success and safety.

Technical Parameter of 80 EX series radiation hardened brushless motor

Model No.

Power rating  (kw)

Rated speed(rpm)

Max. speed


Torque Rating


Max torque


Rotor inertia





Explosion Proof Grade :EX db IIB T4/EX db IIC T5               Selectable Voltage:24V、48V、72V、220V、380V

Application Industry

Radiation-hardened brushless motors find applications in various industries and sectors. Some notable applications include:

1. Space Exploration

Space missions expose equipment to extreme radiation levels, which can severely impact the performance of standard brushless motors. Radiation-hardened brushless motors are crucial components in satellites, rovers, and other space exploration vehicles. They provide reliable propulsion, precise control, and critical functionality in the challenging space environment.

2. Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants require motors that can operate safely in radiation-rich areas. Radiation-hardened brushless motors are used for cooling systems, fuel handling, and other vital functions in these facilities. Their ability to withstand radiation ensures uninterrupted operation and enhanced safety.

3. Medical Equipment

Radiation-hardened brushless motors are utilized in medical equipment, particularly in radiation therapy machines and imaging devices. These motors offer precise control and positioning, essential for accurate radiation delivery and image capture. Their reliability and resilience in radiation-intensive environments contribute to the overall effectiveness of medical procedures.

4. High-energy Physics Experiments

In high-energy physics experiments conducted in particle accelerators and colliders, radiation-hardened brushless motors are used for positioning delicate instruments, controlling beamlines, and manipulating experimental setups. These motors enable precise movement and operation, ensuring the success of complex experiments.


1. Are radiation-hardened brushless motors more expensive than standard brushless motors?

Radiation-hardened brushless motors are generally more expensive than standard brushless motors due to their specialized design and materials. However, their reliability and longevity in radiation-rich environments can outweigh the initial investment.

2. Can radiation-hardened brushless motors withstand all levels of radiation?

While radiation-hardened brushless motors are designed to withstand high levels of radiation, there may be limits to the amount of radiation they can tolerate. It is important to select motors that are suitable for the specific radiation levels of the intended application.

3. Can radiation-hardened brushless motors be used in underwater environments?

Radiation-hardened brushless motors are primarily designed for radiation-rich environments rather than underwater environments. For underwater applications, motors with specific waterproof or submersible capabilities should be considered.

4. Do radiation-hardened brushless motors require special maintenance?

Radiation-hardened brushless motors generally do not require special maintenance beyond regular inspection and lubrication. However, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for optimal performance and longevity.

5. Are radiation-hardened brushless motors suitable for consumer electronics?

Radiation-hardened brushless motors are typically not required for consumer electronics applications unless they will be used in environments with significant radiation exposure. In most consumer electronics applications, standard brushless motors are sufficient for performance and reliability.

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