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110 EX series radiation hardened servo motor
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110 EX series radiation hardened servo motor

Radiation-hardened servo motors: robust and reliable motors designed to withstand high levels of radiation, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments.
  • 110ST-□02030-XXV

  • wheatstone


Product Description

Description of 110 EX series radiation hardened servo motor

Radiation hardened servo motor are specifically engineered with advanced shielding and materials to protect against radiation-induced damage, enabling seamless operation in nuclear power plants, space exploration missions, and other radiation-intensive applications. Count on their durability and precision for your critical operations.

Technical Parameter of 110 EX series radiation hardened servo motor

Model No.

Power rating  (kw)

Rated speed(rpm)

Max. speed


Torque Rating


Max torque


Rotor inertia





Explosion Proof Grade :EX db IIB T4/EX db IIC T5               Selectable Voltage:24V、48V、72V、220V、380V

Application Industry

Radiation-hardened servo motors find extensive application in various critical industries. They are indispensable in nuclear power plants, where they power robotic systems for maintenance and inspection tasks in highly radioactive environments. Additionally, they play a crucial role in space exploration missions, enabling precise control and maneuvering of spacecraft and satellites exposed to cosmic radiation. These motors are also utilized in medical imaging equipment, particle accelerators, and other radiation-intensive applications where reliability and resilience are paramount.


1. Are radiation-hardened servo motors expensive?

Radiation-hardened servo motors are typically more expensive than standard servo motors due to the additional design considerations and specialized materials used. However, their cost is justified by the enhanced reliability and performance they offer in radiation-prone environments.

2. Can radiation-hardened servo motors withstand all types of radiation?

While radiation-hardened servo motors are designed to withstand a wide range of radiation levels, it's essential to consider the specific radiation environment and select motors with appropriate radiation tolerance levels for optimal performance.

3. How long do radiation-hardened servo motors last?

The lifespan of radiation-hardened servo motors depends on various factors, including the radiation levels they are exposed to, operating conditions, and maintenance. With proper care and regular maintenance, these motors can last for many years in radiation-rich environments.

4. Can radiation-hardened servo motors be used in non-radiation environments?

Yes, radiation-hardened servo motors can be used in non-radiation environments as well. They are designed to withstand radiation but retain their functionality and performance in normal operating conditions.

5. Are radiation-hardened servo motors customizable for specific applications?Yes, manufacturers can provide customization options for radiation-hardened servo motors to meet specific application requirements. These motors can be tailored for different voltages, torque levels, and mounting configurations based on the application's needs.

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